Project 02 –

User experience in 5 weeks.

We drew the site and over a few weeks, with guidance from our instructor, we hammered out the beginnings of a web site.

Goals and card sort for website:


Personas; Jason and Karen

One never says “I would do this”. One invents personas by interviewing a bunch of users of the product, identifies two users with different habits and when in meetings says things like “Karen would never do that” or “Jason only eats ice cream on certain nights”. Site Map Wire Frame flow chart

Prove that the user can do the goal you suggest. This is what dry erase boards were invented for. User Journey

Using the flow chart as a starting point, and checking it against the wireframe, we took our personas on a trip through our site with different starting points and goals. Jason was able to check the flavors and locations and take his kids to the store. Karen on the other hand, got completely frustrated on our catering page because she couldn’t find a button to complete her task.

We rewrote the site map and made changes to the catering checkout page.