Project 01 – WhatBug?

The longest journey starts with a but a single step. Here are the first few:

Following are deliverables created for a 12 week UXD class at General Assembly in Santa Monica, Cesar Gomez instructor.

Goals for app:

  • Identify Bug
  • Warn If dangerous
  • Get location and save info.

User card sort.

Subjects were asked to sort cards into stacks to gain insight into what people think is important.


WhatBug Site Map

What Bug SiteMap

What Bug SiteMap


As UX professionals we advocate for the user. We give them a name and a place to live so that we can get to know them better. We go out and visit them; ask them “how they would use our product on a good day?” “What would you do with our app if it was magic?”


WhatBug? User workflow BRS

These charts are used to prove that a user is able to complete a task. (hooray for white boards)

Low Fi Wireframe:




User Testing (posted on

User Testing